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Cybiko - Not Just for Teens

Welcome to my Cybiko site!

The Cybiko is a handheld computer marketed toward teens. It is a bridge device between the GameBoy and advanced PIMs like the PalmPilot.

Cybiko contains many features that can be taken advantage of by professional users. The biggest of which is its wireless networking capability. When two or more Cybiko units are within range, they instantly establish a wireless network with each other and can communicate with e-mail and chat.

Another important feature is that the Cybiko is programmable. The API is freely downloadable and any programmer can write code to run on the machine. Currently the push is towards games and apps geared to a younger market, but one could easily write more advanced functionality into the Cybiko.

The Cybiko can also be used as a wireless gateway to the internet through freely downloadable software and connection to a PC. When one Cybiko in range is connected to an internet-connected PC, all Cybiko's will have access to the e-mail capabilities of that connection. Think of the possibilities if someone writes and FTP server for the Cybiko or security systems to integrate with existing networks.

Purple Cybiko PDA

The Cybiko comes in a variety of colors. Purple is shown above.

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